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mod_btwitter is, by design, an incredibly simple Twitter feed module. I grew tired of trying to find a Joomla 2.5 compatible twitter module that met the following requirements

  • Doesn't slow page loads
  • Doesn't contain un-necessary chrome
  • Displayed a users timeline: linking to URLs, mentions and hashtags

Additionally, mod_btwitter currently implements the following additional features

  • Option to hide/display Twitter Name
  • Customisable number of tweets
  • Light and Dark Styles
  • Use URLs or expand to original
  • Customisable date formats
  • Hide/Display profile pic
  • Include a direct link to the tweet (can be disabled)
  • Include a direct link to users profile page (can be disabled)
  • Display a follow button
  • Show/Hide number of followers
  • Multi-lingual support (partially implemented)
  • Opt-in/Out to Twitter 'participation'
  • Support for feed caching

The idea being that you can link your twitter feed to your site without needing to base your site around that link. Pages shouldn't take that much longer just to display some tweets that are intended to keep your homepage changing!

The module's default style can be overridden by adding to your template.css file.

Use the menu items on the left to view the demo's or use the links below

  • Default Settings
  • Default Dark Style
  • Profile Pic (Light Style)
  • Profile Pic (Dark Style)
  • In use as a module
  • Feed Caching Disabled

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