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Mod_googplusfeed does for Google+ what mod_btwitter does for Twitter.

Basically it takes your recent (public) posts from your Google+ timeline and embeds them into the HTML Markup of your Joomla site. This allows users and search-engines to see your posts when visiting your website, as well as allowing you to easily share links - simply post them on Google+ and they'll appear on your site!

As with mod_btwitter, the basic requirements when building this module were quite simple

  • Doesn't slow page loads
  • Doesn't contain un-necessary chrome
  • Displays a users timeline: linking to URLs, mentions and hashtags

The module includes both a dark and a light theme, and also has basic support for Google+'s 'share' verb



The demo links all use live feeds, however, you can also see below for a snapshot of the module's functionality based on a live feed (i.e. at one point the modules were showing this data!)


Ben Tasker